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Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits

Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits for Urinalysis and Fecal Occult Blood

Cenogenics brings well-developed experience to the manufacture of diagnostic test kits for fecal occult blood and urinalysis reagent strips. A manufacturing subsidiary of ours, Laboratory Diagnostics Company, was the early developer of the guaiac occult blood slide. Our Occult Blood Test is used worldwide to detect the early bleeding signs often indicative of colorectal cancer.

Importantly, our Stool Blood Kits have been used by a well known zoo to detect parasitic caused bleeding symptoms in birds and in veterinary practices to detect GI bleeding symptoms in dogs, cats and other animals before melena becomes visible. With the Cenogenics stool blood test, positive results, including trace reactions, are considerably stronger in color intensity than other competitive products. Trace reactions remain stable and visible for longer periods than other competitive products, making it unlikely a positive reaction will be missed.

Our Chemview-10 urinalysis test strip measures 10 analytes and is usually part of a case work up of a clinically ill animal suspected of having renal disease or urinary pathology.

The 10 parameters present on each dip strip include:

Veterinary Kits
  • Urobilinogen
  • Glucose
  • Ketones
  • Bilirubin
  • Protein
  • Nitrite
  • pH
  • Blood
  • Specific Gravity
  • Leucocytes

Our Stool Blood and Urinalysis Test Strips have been given FDA market approval and have been tested for performance accuracy.

Veterinary Products:

Stool Blood Test Kit


SB-21 Single Slide Professional Kit, 100 tests
The Kit Contains:
  • 100 Single Slides. Each slide has two test areas and a positive and negative control set.
  • 100 applicator sticks
  • 2 x 10ml Developing Solution
  • Product Instructions


chemview UC-130 Chemview-10, 100 tests
Urinalysis test strip for urobilinogen, glucose, ketone, bilirubin, protein, nitrite, pH, occult blood, specific gravity, leucocytes
The Kit Contains:
  • 100 Test Strips
  • Product Instructions
  • Color Chart

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